Lab Animal Filters

Air is often the most contaminated part of a laboratory animal’s environment-air that can carry infection to the animal, and invalidate experiments. Now, for an investment of pennies per cage, you can easily and effectively eliminate this hazard. Negus Filter Caps are the easy and inexpensive way to protect your laboratory animals. Negus Filters are:

    Negus Caps are constructed of a durable bonded textile filter material, -blanket stitched, so sewn corners and edges stay tight.
    Negus Caps cost only pennies apiece, and they’re washable so they can be reused.

Negus Caps are now in use at major laboratories, and are approved by the regulatory authorities.

All filter caps are custom made. – Use our contact form to send us the size of your cage, how far down you wish the cover to come, we will send you a sample and quote you the price.