• Figures 1 and 2 show each side of the of the Octapak Ice Cream box as received Figure 1 Figure 2
  • Align the top two slots of the Octapak Ice Cream box opposite each other at the right and left hand side ( as shown in Figure 3 ) so that the top edge (1-3/4″) can be folded over. Fold over this top edge on both sides. This exposed top white edge is what holds on the Ice Cream box lid. Figure 3 Figure 4
  • While holding down the white top edge begin forming the eight sides along the creases. Figure 5 Figure 6
  • Turn the Octapak Ice Cream box over and press the un-slotted, full bottom panel down into the carton Figure 7 Figure 8
  • Turn assembled carton over and firmly press down the bottom panel. Figure 9 Figure 10
To set up the Octapak Ice Cream box lid, fold over any two adjacent side sections and fold over the corner section between the two sides to lock the sides in place. Each corner locks in the two adjacent sides sections. Figure 11 Figure 12